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How to Stop Your Child from Quiting Piano Lessons

If you are a piano teacher or a parent of a child, especially teenagers, who has told you, "I want to quit piano lessons", you're not alone.

"My mother made me take piano lessons, and I never liked it. But after hearing my oldest brother play All of Me, I realized that piano has something magical to it. I immediately began playing All of Me, which was indeed a daunting task, but after two months, I finally mastered it. Now I spread the magic around to anyone who will listen." — Pete P. (Age 16) Douglas, GA

Although there are many different approaches (e.g. blatant bribery) to accomplish this lofty goal, Jon Schmidt has discovered in his 20+ years of piano teaching experience a very simple solution — make it fun! In particular, find music that they not only like, but LOVE to play. Thousands of piano teachers, students and parents know from first hand experience that having kids and teenagers play Jon Schmidt's music has stopped the idea of quitting piano lessons dead in its tracks. Not only did they continue with their lessons, but they accelerated their rate of improvement. If they love the music they play, regardless of how difficult it is, they will relentlessly pursue it until they have mastered it. Just watch, they may actually highly anticipate their next piano recital, let alone performing for their friends.

Give it a try

Listen to the adrenaline pumping tune called, "Road Trip" as a free MP3 download. Then try the sheet music in PDF format (free as well).

Teenage Testimonials

I love Jon's music! I have been taking piano lessons for 7 years, and I never liked practicing until my teacher told me about his music. Now he is my favorite artist, and I play his music every day. — Laura K. (Age 14) Glendora, CA

I have been playing the piano ever since I was five. I was really struggling with piano a while ago. I didn't enjoy it and it got to the point where I would dread my practicing. When my teacher bought me Jon's first book I immediatly loved it. For the first time practicing was easy and fun. I really appreciate Jon's music and it will forever be in my heart. — Nicole S. (Age 13) Salt Lake City, UT

It not only gave me the desire, but the inspiration to learn to play. — J. Drake (Age 18) Mountain Home, Arkansas

Jon's music is incredible. Without being overly difficult, it has a life to it that is matched by very few artists today. His music actually kept me in piano when i was about to quit. Thanks Jon! — BJ Homer (Age 15) Riverton, UT

I took piano lessons from 1st grade until 8th grade. Boy, did I hate them. I never had music that I enjoyed. Then about a year ago I came across some song titled Waterfall. It was all downhill from there. I love to play the piano now. Jon's music resparked my interest in the piano. I'm going to be restarting lessons again soon. — Drew C. (Age 17) Richland, WA

I would like to start by saying how much I love your music. I was at a time in my life when I hated playing classical music, thereby hating piano. My teacher gave me some of your pieces to play and I instantely fell in love with it. Since then I have loved to play your music as well as others. Thank you for the inspiration to become better. — E. Alley (Age 17) Salt Lake City, Utah

'All of Me' has to be the greatest solo piano I have ever heard. The power and emotion put into it is outstanding, I've never heard piano like that before. The best part of it is, I can play it! It's not as hard as it sounds, and even for someone that quit piano lessons in grade 2, after some work, I can play it! Not as well as you though, I'm still working on it, but I love the new found power and control I have over this instrument, and I have you to thank... — Tyler S. (Age 15) Bocaygeon, Ontario, Canada

Lets just first say that you are my hero. I played the piano for 8 years and then quit for the past 5 years until I heard All Of Me. I forgot how to read notes, but stayed long hours at my piano bench figuring it out... — Christian E. (Age 18) Ogden, UT

My mother made me take piano lessons, and I never liked it. But after hearing my oldest brother play All of Me, I realized that piano has something magical to it. I immediately began playing All of Me, which was indeed a daunting task, but after two months, I finally mastered it. Now I spread the magic around to anyone who will listen. — Pete P. (Age 16) Douglas, GA

u are the best piano player i have ever seen. u have inspired me. I am so motivated when ever i hear you play. i have been playing the piano for six years and am twelve years. i have learned waterfall, saw three ships, were you there?, and am in the process of learning christmas morning and christmas medley. i love your songs. i am going to learn all of me soon. thanks for all u do in inspiring me. — taylor d. (Age 12) Sandy, UT

I love playing his music. I have to practice an hour and a half everyday, and my Mom has to hide his books from me so I will play the things for my lesson first. — Alexis P. (Age 13) Rigby ID

I am totally adicted to your music. i am bugging my piano teacher to let me play more of your songs or at least help me play them 24 - 7! I am currently working on Waterfall and i hope i can one day be as good as you. After i am able to PERFORM Waterfall, i will start on All of Me. One of the songs i am really looking forward to to come out on music is Care Free. I absolutely going to your concert on Sept. 7. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR MUSIC!
— Cory M. (Age 13) American fork, Utah

His music is the best I've heard in a very long time! I quit piano lessons when I was ten and then I heard Waterfall and All of Me and that got me playing again and not only was I playing again, I was practicing all the time!! — Rachel P. (Age 13) Riverton, Utah

Jon's music is outstanding!! He should be an inspriation to all piano students. — (Age 13) Gilbert, AZ

Jon Schmidt writes the most awesome music. I played Waterfall at a piano recital, and my teacher tells me that tons of her students now want to play his music. I was also lucky enough to be at a concert he gave at the Tacoma 2 EFY, which was incredible. — Tasha R. (Age 15) Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for the inspiration your music has given me....everytime I get down or feel like quitting music, your music keeps me on the path to success.... — B.J. Tillman (Age 15) Madison, Alabama

I love your music!! Honestly, if it wasnt for it, I would have quit piano a long time ago. It keeps me going!! Thanks! — Jennifer B. (Age 16) Salt Lake City , Utah

I love Jons music. I've been taking piano lessons for quite awhile now, but I never wanted to practice, but after hearing my brother play All of Me (which we now refer to as The Forearm Song) I wanted to get good enough to play it too. Now I practice everyday. — Remington M. (Age 17) Springdale , Arkansas

Relaxing and inspiring both at once. I felt like I wanted to quit playing the piano for the last time, just about that time I heard some of Jon's music, it inspired me to keep playing, and I couldn't thank him more!!! — Joseph S. (Age 17) Longmont, Colorado

Jon schmidt's music got me addicted to the piano. I can't stop playing his music. it's awsome. — Chase B. (Age 17) Salt Lake City, UT

After 4 yrs of hardley accomplishing anything I quit playing the piano except for just messing around and making my own music every once in a while but when I heard one of my best freinds play waterfall it inspired me to actually practice enough to where I could play it and sense then I've not only found myself fall in love with your songs but playing the piano as well. Thanks! — Derek L. (Age 17) Brigham City, UT

After not enjoying piano for years, my teacher introduced me to Jon Schmidts music, and that's all I ever wanted to play after! He's a very entertaining composer, and his concerts were entertaining as well. I was also impressed that he was willing to sign autographs after his show, so I was able to get books signed. I'm just waiting for the songs on his cd's to come out in piano books! =) — Krystal W. (Age 18) Cedar City, Utah

I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old. Sometimes I wanted to smash my piano and throw away all my scores. Now Im grateful I never did, because then I wouldn't have been able to play your songs like All of Me and Winter Wind. Your music is just fantastic. So, keep writing music while looking through the window on a snowy afternoon and don't let the kind of feeling you had while composing All of Me go. And most of all : never, ever stop! — M. Claessens (Age 18)

The music you have composed is by no comparison my absolute favorite to play. Infact, hearing your music is what got me to start taking piano lessons again. That was about three years ago, and I have been playing consistently every since. Thank you for your amazing talent and hard work in your music. You are my inspiration... — Ryan O. (Age 18) Rigby, ID

Simply put, he is the best, once I heard winter wind, I couldnt stop playing it! — Parker M. (Age 13) Sandy, Utah

I've taken piano lessons off and on since I was about 8 years old. I hated them, because they sucked the life out of the songs that I played. When I heard Jon Schmidt playing on the overhead at work, I thought, There's someone that enjoys playing the piano. I wish I could do that. I purchased the Piano Solos Vol. 1, and from the moment I opened it up and first played Waterfall, I could tell why he loved doing what he did. I've never had so much fun playing the piano in my life! Because of Jon Schmidt, there's a passion behind my playing now. Thank you!!! — Krystal P. (Age 19) Alpine, UT

I stopped playing the piano at the age of 16 because i was bored with it. One day i went to a friends wedding and they handed out cd's. As i was listening to the cd a piano solo came on and i loved it, but i did not know the name of the song or the artist. I looked and looked until i finally through a friend figured out that it was All of Me. I had to learn that song. Hearing it got me back to playing the piano. I recently went to your concert at BYU and it was beyond words. Thank you so much for playing such incredible music. — Brandon H. (Age 19) Provo, Utah

I was discouraged with piano lessons until I heard Jon Schmidt play. At that point I decided I wanted to play like that. ( I dont, but I did continue to take lessons and 5 years later, I still love to play). Playing Jon Schmidt music is what I often do when I am overstressed with studying and homework. THANKS !!!! — Danielson (Age 20) Idaho Falls, ID

He's the best thing since Beethoven! Back when I was taking piano lessons, I played in a competition and won second place. My teacher told me about the boy who won first place, and showed me what he had played. It was Waterfall by Jon Schmidt. The second I tried out a bit of the song, I was itching to learn it. I rushed out and bought the book before I knew anything else about Jon and his music. I just knew it would be awesome--and it is!— Rebecca L. (Age 21) Logan, UT

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